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Sibie dicunt arabes de sipia pisce .b. pro .p. quo carent ponentes.


dicunt ABCefj | dn͞t dn͞t p
sipia | sepia p
pisce | pisse B
carent ponentes | ponẽtes / carent j
ms. e copied the final section [.b. pro .p. … ponentes] onto the previous entry Sibar replacing that entry's final section [pro sarb quod est aloes].


Sibie is what the Arabs say for the fish sipia, using {the letter = sound} 'b' for 'p', a sound they lack.


Siggel (1950: 44): ﺳﻴﺒﻴﺎ /sībiyā/ Sepia v. Tintenfisch ("cuttle-fish").

The Arabic word is an obvious loan from ultimately Greek σηπία /sēpía/, "cuttle-fish, sepia".
Simon offers the itacist pronunciation of Greek, where η > ι {= /ē/ > /i/}, i.e. /sēpía/ > /sipía/.

WilfGunther 30/10/2012

See also Sepia.

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