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Sichen Dyascorides: vocatur campsite supra in campsite.


Sichen B efjp | Sichem AC
|vocatur | vocarur C {printer’s error}
supra | j͂ {= infra} ms. f


Sichen according to Dyascorides is also called campsite; see the entry above Campsice.


Sichen/ campsite:
Greek χαμαισύκη /khamaisýkē/, latinised chamaesyce, literally means “ground-fig”, and in fact its synonym συκῆ /sykê/ means “fig-tree”, sicen here representing the Greek accusative form: συκῆν /sykên/.
The expected transcription from Simon would be *sicen and *c(h)amesice, but all of Simon’s witnesses consulted seem to have the misreading campsite rather than campsice although it is notoriously difficult to distinguish the letters “c” and “t” in much of medieval handwriting.

For all further information see Campsice.

WilfGunther (talk) 22:26, 29 December 2016 (GMT)

See also Campsice, Camesichi

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