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Sief arabice idem quod collirium et est confectio ocularis formata in modum nuclei dactili qui fricatur super cotem cum aliquo liquore convenienti supra in colliriis.


Sief | Sieff B
collirium | coliriũ B
est confectio AC | c. e. ms. e
ocularis | oclaris B
in modum om. j
dactili | dactillorum ms. e
fricatur | fricamur ms. e
cotem | cutem ms. e
colliriis AC | collirio (coli- B) B ef | in co j
{collirio} dicto add. e


Sief in Arabic means the same as collirium, and it is an eye preparation shaped like the stone found in a date and which is rubbed on the skin with some suitable liquid; {for more information see} above the entries with collirium.


Cf. Lane (1984: 1619): ﺷﻴﺎﻑ /šiyāf/ "medicaments for the eye and the like".
Dozy (1877-81: I.804): ﺷﻴﺎﻑ /šiyāf/ “collyre sec topique dure, devant être appliqué sur les yeux. … Suppositoire, médicament sous forme solide, qu’on introduit dans l’anus” {i.e. ‘dry solid topically applicable collyrium before it is applied to the eyes … Suppository, medicament in solid form which is inserted into the anus’}.
N.b. ﺷﻴﺎﻑ /šiyāf/ can denote an eye medicament as well as a rectal suppository because - as Simon explains in Collirium - they have the same shape, namely of a date stone.
Cf. also Cf. de Benito & Herrea (1989: 262): SIEFAL ALBUM RASIS

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