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Sies grece porci sues, sys porcus.


Sies | Syes f | Siies j
porci om. f
{sues} sys AC | sus ms. e | sis f | sies sis B


Sies is Greek for Latin porci, sues {"pigs, sows"}, and Greek sys is Latin porcus {"pig"}.


Greek σὗς /sŷs/ is a variant form of ὗς /hŷs/ "the wild pig; the domesticated animal; sow". Sies stands for the plural: σὗες /sŷes/, pronounced in medieval Greek /si-es/, the singular σὗς is pronounced /sis/.

According to the sound changes found in Ancient Greek the form of ὗς /hŷs/ is regular. As to the unexpected form σὗς /sŷs/ see Frisk (1960-72: II.824), s.v. σὗς.

Latin sus, pl. sues means "swine, hog, pig, boar, sow" (Lewis & Short, 1879).

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