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Simon Online is a collaborative edition of Simon of Genoa's clavis sanationis, a medical dictionary from the late thirteenth century. More on Simon...

⇒  Edition and Photographs

⇒  Aims of the project and FAQ

⇒  How to set up an account

To access all available material, see the Edition page. Alternatively, typing for instance "B" in the search box at the top of page followed by the enter key will bring up all entries starting with this letter. You can also search for keywords such as "authors", "index" or "bibliography".

To access only edited and translated entries, see this page or our overview of the topics covered in the clavis.

Open access journal: Medical Manuscript Studies

Funded by the Wellcome Trust [[1]], this project is based at the RHUL Department of History [[2]]. It is run by Barbara Zipser. Acknowledgments Contact