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Skiliria duritia.


Whole entry missing in p
Skiliria ABC e | Skliria f | Skilma j {‘iri’ misread as ‘m’}
duritia BC j | durita A {printing error} | duricia f | duricies idem ms. e


Greek Skiliria is in Latin duritia {"induration"}.


Greek σκληρία /sklēría/ - Latinised scleria - means "hardness", and in a medical sense "induration", i.e. the abnormal hardening of tissue or an organ.

The expected transcription, in itacist pronunciation, would be /skliría/ as is found in ms. f. The other witnesses have inserted an epenthetic vowel into the for Latin and Romance speakers unusual initial consonant cluster /skl/ changing it to /skil/.

WilfGunther 11:28, 4 August 2014 (BST)

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