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Skotia et skotos grece tenebra inde scotomia .i. tenebratio skotomatiki scotomatici.


Skotia AC | Skocia f | Skortia B | Skoria e

skotos AC e | scotos B | sckotos f

scotomia AB f | scotoĩa e | scotonia C

.i. tenebratio skotomatiki scotomatici om. e

tenebratio AC | obtenebratio B | obtenebratio f

scotomatiki scotomatici (scotoma’I f) AC f | new headword: Skotematici scotomatici B | skotomatiki scripsi (Wilf Gunther)


Skotia and skotos are Greek words for Latin tenebra {"darkness"}, and derived from them is scotomia, which translates as "darkening" {of the vision}. Greek skotomatiki is in Latin scotomatici {"persons afflicted by dimness of vision"}.


Simon introduces two Greek words both meaning "darkness, gloom", i.e. σκοτεία /skoteía/ or variant σκοτία /skotía/ and σκότος /skótos/ or variant σκοτός /skotós/. He mentions two derivatives, Scotomia q.v. and what is in Greek σκοτωματικοί /skotōmatikoí/ "persons afflicted with dim-sightedness". Simon portrays the medieval Greek itacist pronunciation of this word, where the Classic Greek diphthong οι /oi/ is pronounced ι /i/, so the expected Simonean transcription would be: skotomatiki, latinised scotomatici.

See also: Scotomia

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