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Squama cuiusque metalli vocatur arabice tubel grece vero lepidos ut supra.


Squama AC ef | Quama B {but an empty space is left for the missing initial}

cuiusqʒ AC f | cuiuscũqʒ B e

metalli ef | metali AB | mettali C


Squama {"scales of metal struck off by the hammer"} of any metal is called tubel in Arabic, and in Greek it is lepidos. See the entry Lepidos below.


Latin squama is originally the scale of a fish, but then transferred to any object shaped like a fish-scale.

A very similar text is offered in the entry Batitura, q.v.

WilfGunther 29/09/14

For the Arabic entry and further information see Tubel.

See also: Lepida (2), Lepidos chalcu, Lepidos sideritis

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