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Strongilomia dicunt greci incisuras rotundas Cassius felix.


Strongilomia AC | Strogilomia B efjp | strongylotomian {accusative} Cassius Felix
incisuras ABC ep | incissuras f | ĩscisuras j


Strongilomia is the name the Greeks give to round incisions according to Cassius Felix.


Simon is referring to Cassius Felix 18, 5, ed. Fraisse (2001). Ad collectiones {"On abscesses, pus gatherings"}: Ubi vero membra complicari videris, ut exempli causa post aurem vel sub ala, incisuram facies, hoc est rotundam quam Graeci strongylotomian vocant. This text is also available online in the Rose edition (1879: 27.12-5) [[1]] - "But when you see some folding up in certain places like behind the ear or under the armpit you will have to make an incision, i.e. a round incision, which the Greeks call strongylotomia".

Strongilomia < Greek στρογγυλοτομία /strongylotomía/, itacist: /strongilotomía/ "operation for abscess" is a compound noun consisting of
στρογγύλος /strongýlos/ "round, spherical" + a form of τομή /tomḗ / "cutting, incision". The word is only attested in Cassius Felix, chapter 18 (LSJ).

Simon’s Strongilomia in witnesses AC is badly copied from a *Strongilotomia and the Strogilomia of the other witnesses is probably the outcome of missing the "~" symbol in *Strõgilomia.

Strongylotomia is not used in modern medical terminology.

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