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Taurocolla apud Dyascoridem gluten ex coriis factum quam multi oxicollam vocant melior est rodaica que maxime fit ex rasura corii, eligenda est autem limpida et lucida, nigra vero inutilis est et cetera.


Whole entry missing in f
Taurocolla AC jp | Taurocula B e
oxicollam | oxicolã B | exilocolla Diosc. Long. | ξυλοκόλλα /xylokólla/ Dioscorides Graece
rodaica AC ep | rodiacha B | rodyca j
ex rasura corii fit B ep | f. e. r. c. AC j
eligenda | elligenda C | Ellig͞nda ms. e
{limpida} et om. j
{limpida et} clara add. p
inutilis | ἥττων /hḗttōn/ "inferior, weaker" Dioscorides Graece
et cetera om. e


According to Dyascorides, taurocolla is glue made from hides. Many people also call it oxicolla. The best is from Rhodes, which is very well made from the shavings of hide. But the one to choose is transparent and clear, but the black one is {medicinally} useless, etc.


This is an excerpt from Dioscorides Longobardus, 3, 97, ed. Stadler (1899: 420) De taurocolla, "On glue made from bulls' hide" [[1]].
The original Greek text, 3, 87, ed. Wellmann (1906-14: II.103) [[2]] speaks only generically of κόλλα /kólla/ "glue" and specifies that either ταυροκóλλα /taurokólla/ {"glue from bulls' hide"} or ξυλοκόλλα /xylokólla/ {"glue for wood"} can be meant by this term.

ταυρόκολλα /taurókolla/ "glue made from bulls' hides" < ταῦρος /taûros/ "bull" + κόλλα "glue". ξυλοκόλλα /xylokolla/ "glue for wood" < ξύλον /xýlon/ "wood", etc.

corrupted from Greek ξυλοκόλλα /xylokólla/ with interference from ὀξύς /oxýs/ "sharp; sour"; see also Xilocalla

WilfGunther 11/11/2012

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