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Tefra grece cinis qui konis etiam dicitur supra in ko.


Tefra AC | Tefia B {'r' misread as 'i'} | Tesira ms. e {'f' misread as long 's', add. 'r'} | Teka f {'fr' misread as 'k'}

konis AC | konios ms. e | conis B f

etiam (-ã BC) ABC | eciã f | om. e

supra in ko om. B ef


Tefra is Greek for Latin cinis {"ashes"}, which is also called konis in Greek. See the entry Konis above.


τέφρα /téphra/ glossed by LSJ "ashes, as of the funeral pile", and κόνις /kónis/ "dust, ashes".

See also: Konis, Ramad

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