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Terapeuma remedium.


Terapeuma remediũ A | Terapeuma remedium CD | Entry is missing in e | Terapẽnia rẽediũ t’rapẽo curo medicor B {see Commentary}


Greek terapeuma is in Latin remedium {"remedy, medical treatment"}.


θεράπευμα /therápeuma/ means originally "a service done to another" and then "care of the body; surgical treatment" and (concrete) "preparations, drugs" acc. to LSJ.

In B Terapeuma is misread as Terapennia, resulting from 'eu' misread as 'en' and 'm' misread as 'ni'. Also terapeuo is misread as terapenu, i.e,. 'u' misread as 'n'. In witnesses ACD terapeuo curo medicor is part of the previous entry Terapia.

See also: Terapia

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