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Terapia grece cura curatio medicamen medella remedium, terapeuo curo medicor.


Terapia ABC efj | Therapia p
cura om. AC
medella ACD | medela B efp | medulla j
{remedium} compendium add. B fjp
{compendium} supra add. j | ms. p adds an attempt to write θεραπεία? /therapeía/ in Greek script.

terapeuo curo medicor ACD | therapecio cure medicor f {'eu' misread as 'eci'} | Terapeuo etc. treated as an extra entry in e | in B jp this text is added at the end of the entry Terapeuma


Terapia is the Greek for Latin curatio {"taking care, healing"}, medicamen {"drug"} medella {"cure"}, remedium {"remedy"}. Greek terapeuo is in Latin curo {"I cure"} or medicor {"I heal"}.


Greek θεραπεία /therapeía/ means "service, attendance" and "medical or surgical treatment or cure; healing".

Simon's transcription reflects a pronunciation that began in the Koine period where the diphthong ει /ei/ is pronounced ι /i/ resulting in Greek /therapía/, Medieval Latin pronounced original Greek theta like /t/ resulting in /terapía/.

θεραπεύω /therapeúō/ "to do service; attend to; take care of a person; foster. treat medically" is the related verb.

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