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Tile dicitur sapa mustum coctum.


Tile ABC fjp | Tille grece ms. e { original d͞r' = dicitur was possibly misread as 'g̾ce'?}
dicitur om. e
sapa B ep | sappa AC j | sappo f
et cetera add. AC


Tile is translated into Latin as sapa, which is boiled mustum {"must or new wine"}.


Tile, rarely used in medieval Latin, is the transcription of what is listed in Siggel (1950: 50) - Arabic ﻃﻴﻼ /ṭīlā/ Traubensaft {i.e. "grape juice"}. Du Cange, s.v. Tile, quotes the above definition given by Simon.

WilfGunther 17:35, 11 February 2015 (UTC)

See also: Carenum, Sappa, Almeibutegi

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