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Topica grece localia Cassius felix capitulo de polippo narium topica adiutoria idest localia topos ipse locus.


polippo AC e | polipo B f

topos AC | topus (-pus B) B e | Topes f

ipse om. B e f


Topica {"topical medications"} is a Greek term, in Latin localia {"localised"}, mentioned in Cassius Felix's {De medicina, in chapter XXXI} De polipo narium {"On nasal polyps"}. Topical medications are locally applied. Greek topos is in Latin locus {"place, spot, locality"}.


The Greek adjective τοπικός /topikós/ means "referring to a place" and in a medical context "to be applied locally". It is derived from τόπος /tópos/ "place, region; position; place or part of the body". Topica is the nom. pl. neut. form τοπικά /topiká/ {sc. φάρμακα /phármaka/} "topical {sc. medications}".

Simon is referring to Cassius Felix, De medicina, 31, 2, ed. Fraisse (2001: 72) Ad polypum et ozaenas {"On polyps and fetid polyps"}, where Cassius says: Et sic topicis medicamentis id est localibus proprie ipsis in locis uteris – "And you shall apply topical, i.e. applied locally, medicaments directly to those very places {to the part being treated}".

The word topical is still used with the above meaning in modern medical terminology.

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