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Trachites asperitas rigor rigiditas.


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Trachites (tra-B f) ABC f | Trachitis e

rigor ABC e | riges f


Greek Trachites is in Latin asperitas {"harshness"}, rigor {"stiffness"} or rigiditas {"rigidity"}.


Greek τραχύτης /trachýtēs/, or Attic τραχυτής /trachytḗs/, means "roughness, ruggedness”.

In a full itacist pronunciation of the word one would expect the form /trakhitís/ - as shown in witness e. Latin speakers of Greek, however, did on the whole not pronounce the original sound represented by η {/ē/} as /i/ - like Greek speakers did - but pronounced it /e/, i.e. /trakhités/, the likely pronunciation indicated by the other witnesses.

WilfGunther 26/05/2014

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