Trociscus ypocapniscus

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Trociscus ypocapniscus .i. suffumigatorius Cassius felix capitulo de tussi humida.


Trociscus AC fjp | Tro͞c e | Tro B
ypocapnistus B fjp | ypocapniscus AC | ypocapnisticus ms. e
suffumigatorius AC efp | sufũigatoriũ B | subfũigatorius j
tussi | tussim C


Trociscus ypocapniscus: the trochisk which is called in Greek ypocapnistus, which is in Latin suffumigatorius {meaning "used for fumigation"}, is described in Cassius Felix, in his chapter De tussi humida {"On wet/productive cough"}.

See also: Ypocapniscus trociscus

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