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Udimi zimi apostema flematicum.


Whole entry om. ms. e

Udimi zimi AC f | Udimi azimi B {wrong word separation}

apostẽa B | apam C | apa A f {cf. Cappelli p.18 [[1]]}

flegmaticum f | flematicũ B | flanticum C | flāticũ A |


Udimi or zimi are Arabic for Latin apostema flegmaticum {"phlegmatic imposthume"}.


Cf. Vázquez de Benito & Herrera (1989: 145). ﭐﻭﺫﻳﻣﺎ /ūḏīmā/ (tumor blando, edema) {i.e. "soft tumour, oedema"}.

Perhaps B shows how an original *Udimia, see Zimia, lost its final "a", i.e. by wrong word separation: *udimia zimi > udimi azimi, but the loss of final "a" in zimia remains unexplained.

For further information see Zimia, Idema.

Wilf Gunther 30/05/2014

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