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Valanon grece glans.


Ms. j shares the initial with entries Vakchi and Valeriana


Valanon is Greek for Latin glans {"acorn"}.


Greek βάλανος /bálanos/, adopted into Latin as balanus, means originally "acorn", but it is applied to any fruit of a similar shape, e.g. "dates", or any object of a similar shape, e.g. in the medical field: "glans penis, suppository, pessary".

/bálanos/ > /válanos/: the sound change /b/ > /v/ occurred on Greek already at the beginning of the Koine period, i.e. 300 BC to 300 AD.
Simon’s Valanon shows the accusative form < βάλανον /bálanon/.

See also: Balanos, B littera

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