Vatrachi kampite

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Vatrachi kampite .g. agredule rane parve que in campis degunt.


kampite AC | kempite B | campite e


Vatrachi kampite are in Greek small terrestrial frogs, which live in fields.


This entry refers to a βάτραχος καμπίτης, which is not attested elsewhere; Contopoulos (1880-2: 237) lists κάμπος /kampos/ 'field' and the adjective καμπήσιος /kampēsios/, but not in combination with 'frog'.

This frog has two main characteristics, it is small and terrestrial. The herpetofauna [[1]] website lists a number of species that could meet these criteria; however, none of these is characterized as living mainly on fields. (Research for this entry courtesy of Dennis Stathakopoulos.)

See also: Batracos, Difdhah, Gecazum, Girinos, Miosos, Vatrachos

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