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Xahair arabice ordeum sed Stephanus sahir scripsit supra in .s.


arabice | ar ã j {ms. j uses 2 different abbreviations at once for ‘arabice’}
{ordeum} ms. p adds an attempt at writing ﺷﻌﻳﺮ /šaʕīr/ in Arabic script.
sahir C | sair B fjr | sahit AD {'r' misread as 't'} | om. e
scripsit om. p
supra in .s. ACD | om. B efjp


Xahair is Arabic for Latin ordeum {"barley"}, but Stephanus writes sahir. See above under Sair.


Wehr (1976): ﺷﻌﻳﺮ /šaʕīr/ "barley"; Siggel (1950: 46): ﺷﻌﻳﺮ /šaʕīr/ Hordeum (Gram.), Gerste {i. e. "barley"}.

This is one of the many attempts by Simon to represent the Arabic word ﺮﻳﻌﺷ /šaʕīr/. For his opinion on how best to transcribe the sound /š/, see X littera 4) Iberian scribal tradition and words of Arabic origin.

WilfGunther 25/05/2014

See also: Krithe, Sair, Scahar, Scheair. Not to be confused with Xahar

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