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Xamemillon pro camemillon exponit.


He {Stephanus} shows the spelling xamemillon for camemillon {"chamomile"}.


Cf. Greek χαμαίμηλον /khamaímēlon/, in the itacist pronunciation, which Simon portrays: /khamémilon/, lit. "ground/earth-apple", i.e "chamomile".

Stephanus in his Breviarium writes: xamamilõ … babunegũ [[1]]. Stephanus was identified as the author of this entry's spelling in Xaumĩ, q.v. For an explanation of his substitution of 'x' for traditional 'c,ch' see the appropriate section in X littera.

Wilf Gunther 28/02/14

See also: Camemilon, Antimis

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