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Xerasia vel xirasia grece arriditas siccitas.


Xerasia ABC fjp | Xeraxia e {'x' pronounced /s/ in -axia, see appropriate section of X littera}
vel xirasia om. B
xirasia | xiraxia e {'x' pronounced /s/ in -axia, see above}
ariditas siccitas B ej | arriditas siccitas AC p | siccitas ariditas f


Xerasia or xirasia is Greek meaning in Latin ariditas {"dryness, drought"}, siccitas {id.}.


Greek ξηρασία /xērasía/ "desiccation; dryness" is derived from ξηρός /xērós/ "dry". Simon offers two pronunciations of the Greek word, the one by Latin speakers /xerasía/, who still made a distinction pronouncing Greek η {/ē/} as /e/ and ι{/i/} as /i/ and that of native Greek speakers who by that time had collapsed the two sound into one, i.e. /i/, therefore pronouncing /xirasía/.

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