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Xerobiche grece arida tussis idem Cassius felix.


Xerobiche ACD efp | Xerobice B | Xenrobice ul’ xebobice j
arida | arrida C p
tussis ACD ej | tusis B f | tuscis p
felix om. ACD p


Xerobiche in Greek is the same as arida tussis {"dry cough"} in Latin according to Cassius Felix.


Simon alludes to Cassius Felix's De medicina, 34, ed. Fraisse (2001: 82). Ad tussim aridam {"On dry cough"}: 1 Tussis arida a Graecis xerobeches appellatur, "the Greeks call dry cough xerobeches". This text is also available online in the Rose edition (1979: 72) [[1]].

ξηρόβηξ /xēróbêx/, pl. ξηρόβηχες, /xēróbēkhes/ is composed of ξηρο- /xēro-/ "dry" + βήξ /bḗx/ pl. βῆχες /bêkhes/ "cough".

Simon's form Xerobiche shows an itacist pronunciation in the element -biche but not as would be expected in xero-, cf. the Modern Greek pronunciation /xiro/-. Since the word is only found in the above-mentioned passage in Cassius Felix, it must at one time have had a final plural "s" in Simon's entry too but was lost in copying.

WilfGunther 05/01/2013

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