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Xirasia grece xirotes durities.


Xirasia AC f | Xiraxia B e {'x' pronounced /s/, see appropriate section of X littera}

et {xirotes} add. e f

durities AC | duricies (duric- e) B e | grece duricies f


Greek Xirasia or xirotes means in Latin durities {"hardening, induration", see Commentary}.


Greek ξηρασία /xērasía/ "desiccation" and ξηρότης /xērótes/ "dryness" are derived from ξηρός /xērós/ "dry", here shown in the itacist pronunciation with η > ι {/ē/ > /i/}. Simon's Latin translation durities, "hardening, induration", is inappropriate. This is most likely the result of a confusion with the similar sounding σκληρασία /sklērasía/ and σκληρότης /sklērótēs/ - both meaning "hardness; induration" from σκληρός /sklērós/ "hard".

See also: Xerasia

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