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Ydna grece tubera.


Ydua ACD | Ydria B ef {'n' or 'u' misread as 'ri'} | Ydna scripsi (Wilf Gunther)

tubera ABC e | tuba f


Ydna is Greek for Latin tubera {"truffle mushrooms"}.


Greek ὔδνον /hýdnon/, plural ὔδνα /hýdna/ means "truffle mushroom, Tuber cibarium".

The misreading Ydua could be very old, because it could already have happened when reading from a Greek text: the Greek letters ν {= 'n'} and υ {= 'y'} are very similar and misreading ὔδνα /hýdna/ as ὔδυα /hýdua/ is very likely. The varia lectio Ydria of witnesses B,e and f is more probable from a transcribed form Ydna – with 'n' misread as 'ri' – than from Ydua.

Simon's transcription shows the usual sound changes affecting medieval Greek: /h/ dropped; /y/ > /i/; although the word is written with 'y' its pronunciation would still have been /ídna/. For the pronunciation of 'd' in this position see D Littera.

Wilf Gunther 15/05/2014

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