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Ydro alias ydor grece aqua a quo omnia supradicta et per .y.psilon debet scribi.


Ydro alias ydor ACD | Ydor B e | Ydar f

supradicta e | supradicta f | supradicta B | sunt dicta ACD

y.psilon ACD | ypsilõ B | y.psilo e f


Ydro and on other occasions ydor is Greek for Latin aqua {"water"}, with which many of the previous entries are compounded, and it should be written with ypsilon, {i.e. the letter 'y'}.


In some of the manuscripts the compound form ὑδρο- /hydro-/ is added before the word ὕδωρ /hýdōr/ "water", and indeed many of the preceding entries show hydro- as their first compound element.

For Simon's views on the spelling of the word see Idor.

For the name ypsilon see Y littera.

See also: Ydaros, Ydateros, Ydatodes

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