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Ys grece et chiros sus porcus.


porcus (-us f) B ef | porchus ACD


Greek ys and chiros are in Latin sus {"sow"} and porcus {"pig"} respectively.


Cf. Greek ὗς /hŷs/ "the wild pig; the domesticated animal; sow", and χοῖρος /khoîros/ "pig".

Simon's pronunciation of ὗς /hŷs/ would have been /is/. The following sound changes had applied since classical Greek times:
psilosis, i.e. loss of /h/; υ > ι (/y/ > /i/)
and in χοῖρος /khoîros: οι > ι (/oi/ > /i/) > /khiros/.

Cf. also remarks on pronunciation in Yetos.

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