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Zambor arabice volatile anulosum aculeatum ut vespa volans cum murmure.


volatile (uo- jp) AC ejp | uolatille B | uotalatile f

anulosum (-suʒ Aj; -sũ jp)) AC fp | anullosũ B | ãnullosuʒ ms. e

aculeatum (-atũ B p) ABC fjp | acculeatũ e


Zambor is Arabic for a "flying sting insect" that flies like a vespa {"wasp"} with a buzzing sound.


Lane (1984: 1256): ﺯﻧﺑﻮﺭ /zunbūr/ "[The hornet or hornets; a large sort of wasp]”. Wehr (1976): ﺯﻧﺑﻮﺭ /zunbūr/ "hornet".

A vocalisation closer to Simon’s form Zambor is found in Vocabulista, ed. Schiaparelli (1871: 113): ﺯﻧﺑﻮﺭ /zanbūr/ Vespa [[1]]; (1871: 625): VESPA ﺯﻧﺑﻮﺭ /zanbūr/ [[2]]. Cf. Corriente (1989: 140) s.v. *(ZNBR).

The more precise Latin for "hornet" is crabro, but one can assume that vespa was used generically and covered hornets and wasps.

WilfGunther 26/09/2013

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