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Zanda secundum Dyascoridem vocatur quarta species lapatii.


lapatii AC | lapacii B f | lapacii arabice ms. e {perhaps the scribe assumed that zanda is the Arabic name}


According to Dyascorides the fourth kind of lapatium is called zanda.


The ultimate source for Simon is Dioscorides Longobardus, 2, 98, De lappatio {"On sorrel"}, where it says: Quartu genus lapati quem multi zandam dicunt ... - "there is a fourth kind of lapatum which many people call zanda ...".

According to André (1956: 340): zanda is possibly a corruption of the accusative of ὀξάλις /oxális/ "a sort of sorrel, garden sorrel" which is ὀξάλιδα /oxálida/, a form that occurs in some codices of the Greek text, cf. 2, 114, ed. Wellmann (1906-14: I.188) RV on λάπαθον /lápathon/, i.e. "sorrel".

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