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Zerzur arabice sturnus avis.


Zerzur ABC | Zerzurum f | Zorzur p | Zerezuri ms. e | Zercur j
|sturnus | sturnus ul’ strucius j | structius B e
{avis} quidam add j


Zerzur is Arabic for the Latin bird-name sturnus {"starling"}.

Commentary and ornithological remarks:

Cf. Wehr (1976): ﺯﺭﺯﻭﺭ /zurzūr/ ﺯﺭﺯﺭ /zurzur/ "starling (zool.)".
A vocalisation closer to Simon’s: /zarzūr/ is found in Corriente (1997: 228), s.v. *(ZRZR/L). Here Corriente quotes from an unpublished Ph.D. thesis by A.S. Ould Mohamed Baba entitled: Estudio dialectológico y lexicológico del refranero hispanoárabe de Abū Yaḥyà Azzajjālī.

This is obviously an onomatopoeic word, its consonantal structure being ZRZR or ZRZL with a number of vocalisation patterns.
Also different sources gloss the bird either as starling or thrush.
N.b. Turdus is the song thrush, Turdus philomenos Brehm,a bird that can easily be confused with the starling by the casual observer: Common Starling, Sturnus vulgaris L., [[1]],
song thrush, Turdus philomenos Brehm [[2]].

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