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Geusir vel iausir arabice oppopanax et cetera.


Geusir ABC | Gensir ef {'u' misread as 'n'}

iausir ABC | Jansir ef {'u' misread as 'n'}

oppopanax AC | oppoponax e | opoponax B f

et cetera om. B ef


Geusir or iausir is Arabic for Latin oppopanax {"the juice of the herb panax"} et cetera.


Siggel (1950: 25): ﺟﺎﻭﺷﻴﺮ /ğāwšīr/ Opoponax, Harz v. Ferula opoponax Spr. (Umb.) {i.e. "resin of F. opoponax"}.

For using the letter "i" for transcribing Arabic /ğ/ see G littera, commentary section Arabic.

See also: Ieusir, Iausur, Opoponax

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